Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit Is God ,The Father, Son ,Holy Spirit Is All God.

The Holy Spirit Has The Healing Gifts To pass out to you.

Jesus Is The Son Of God(Son Of The Father)

Healing Ministry Of Jesus Christ For Me was Praying for people

in the street or at the home or business.

The Holy Spirit Miracle Sevices Was Groups of People In one room to be prayed for.

Please Note This; Healing Ministry Of Jesus Christ required 3 days of fasting and praise

to get 3 instant healings 75% of of time.

The Holy Spirit Miracle Service Required the same 3 days of praise and fasting but because 

of the praise team praiseing god during the service made is easyer to do Instant Healings with 10 People

In one service 100% instant healings. It started at 98 % of the people would be instantly healed then 

moved to 100% of the people that came up were healed.

Please Note this,Don’t let someone else touch the person when you pray for them because the healing power

will go into them and the person that needs that portion will not get all they need for their healing.

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