Better Prayer Training

I want to keep this simple and short so you can focus on want I say, do not go outside

The teaching with people that don t get 100% Instant healing, You can only learn from god and people that do this with god.

 Free 5 Steps for Better Prayer Life


♱ Career Learning

♱ Mid Career Learning

♱ Conflict Resolution

♱ Career Transitions

⚜ Step 1 You must want this more than anything in the world.

You Must Follow People That Do This and assist them

 Don’t copy them, you will get more by not coping with them God will make you special.

Create and copy music from Healing Miracle Services for your private Praise, the best I found was Benny Hinn Miracle Music on  

Pray to receive the Healing Gift From The Holy Spirit Until You Get It.

5 Free Steps To Best Prayer Life With Results,

Switch Your Prayer to Praise First, Spend 98% of your time praising God and 2% in your request Do the 98% praise first, Praise is your Sacrifice to God .

⚜ Step 1

Use Praise Music From Miracle Services lay on your back palm to heaven

Be sure to have a private quite Place for this, I use battery Candles, prayer rug but not required

⚜ Step 2

Fasting, the night before the fast ask God with your palms to heaven to prepare you for the fast to make it easy for you just ask him ,then no solid foods for 3 days.

⚜ Step 3

Use Praise Music and Praise him for 3 hours per day in a fast, do not touch people as the power of God will leave you into them wait for your pray of laying hands on them, then release the power on them

⚜ Step 4

When praying for someone God is in control I like to use the words I bind break and lose everything in this person that is not of  God and send it out the souls of their feet.

Then Pray to fill them up from the crown of their head to the souls of their feet Full Full Full of everything God has for them, don’t rush it be-sure the transfer has time to take place and yes sometimes it’s fast and it’s work the bible call it to work.

⚜ Step 5

This is a VERY IMPORTANT STEP have a prayer team pray for you after the prayers for the next three days for protection and you are going to have all that evil that was getting them will now get on you, if you don’t do this step many bad things will happen I’ve Had my car stole home burned down lost deals, if you don’t have prayer team you have two other options 1. pray yourself for protection all your waking hours for three days or call a few prayer teams by phone for prayer request s for protection.

Below Video is if you don’t know Jesus and want him in your life say the prayer in the video and then go to the free bible and listen to the bible and use praise music as often as you want, you will receive the things you ask for.

Note for receiving the healing gift from the Holy Spirit It may not happen right away It took me 21 days of praise 5 hours a day to get it and it didn’t work for 3 months it was just anointed peace which Now I can say is a good/Great Miracle lolo. But on the other hand, I had two people get in a priv meeting they prayed for the lady with cancer which didnt get healed ,but they also prayed for a man that said his hearing was bad and they prayed for him and God Healed him ,and because it was their first miracle they didnt beleive lolo ,Miracles are Amazing You Will Have A Amazing Life With God.